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To Register: Email okdance@shaw.ca or call 250 - 492 -0056 to register for our Summer Program!

Regular Programs:

Acro for Dancers *New Program!*
Dancers will learn Acro skills and conditioning exercises to supplement their dance training.
Limited space available!
Level 1 - ages 6-8yrs, Wednesdays 430-530 *combined with Modern technique
Level 2 - ages 10-13yrs, Fridays 430-530
Level C - agres 13yrs+, Fridays 530-630

Hip Hop *New Program!*
Students will learn a fun and energetic competition piece to strengthen their style and performance as a Stage dancer. Register ASAP!
Level 1 - ages 7-8yrs, Mondays 430-530
Level 2 - ages 9-11yrs, Fridays 430-530
Level 3 - ages 12-14, Fridays 330-430

3, 4 and 5 years old
Students follow a set programs of songs, 
exercises and primary technique. 
Each student will perform a piece
of choreography in the June production.  

These classes focus on developing musicality, balance, correct muscle use, alignment and flexibility. Students learn the terminology of classical ballet through barre and centre work. Cecchetti examinations are available to serious students.

Students with a strong technical foundation will be slowly introduced to pointe work. These classes are designed to develop strength and build confidence and poise in classical repertoire.

A fast moving, action packed class that
focuses on developing technique, 
style and flexibility. Classes begin with
a warm-up and strength exercises and
continues on to turns, jumps and stylized choreographed progressions.

A high energy class that combines rhythm, musicality and co-ordination. This class is where your feet make the music!

This creative and grounded style of dance develops strength and dynamic phrasing. It uses the technique of contraction, release, fall and recovery.

A continuous, gentle, flowing form of
jazz technique with an emphasis
on expressing the music.

Musical Theatre
A class that combines the elements
of voice, theatre, and different dance
styles to produce entertaining routines.