Our Philosophy: Providing a comfortable, supportive environment where each student has the opportunity to reach his or her potential in dance. We focus on creating fun, energetic and challenging classes that encourage artistic expression while maintaining a strong technical basis. We develop self-esteem, self-discipline, teamwork and a strong desire for achievement.

Student Placement: Okanagan Dance Studio’s faculty make all class placement decisions. These placements are determined with the student’s best interest in mind. Placement will depend on ability and experience. During the first month some students may be moved to a more appropriate class. 

Registration: Students are fully registered when all the payment requirements and costume deposit fees have been completed. Only fully registered students may participate in classes. Fees are based on 36 weeks of instruction.

Attendance: All students are required to attend their classes on a regular basis. Frequent, repetitive class work is essential to muscle development and memory. If a student does not attend classes on a regular basis they will fall behind and risk being removed from choreography. It is also extremely important that students do not come late to classes.  Dance classes are designed to begin with a warm-up and then graduate to more difficult work, missing the warm-up could result in injury. When a student has to miss a class, please let the teacher know by calling the office. 

Costumes: Final costume fee notices will be emailed out in December. Once the costume has been fully paid for the student can take it home. Please do not wear your costume except for dress rehearsals and performances. 

Class Cancellation: Every effort is made to hold all classes at their regularly scheduled time. On the rare occasion when a class must be cancelled due to events like festival or studio trips, a make up class will be held. Teachers will inform students and parents of any cancellations and make up classes. There are no regular classes held on statuary holidays. Classes that fall on holidays can be made up by taking a similar class and level during that same week. A student must give one month’s notice when withdrawing from a class. There is no refund for any classes not attended mid-month. Please let the office know what classes are being dropped so that the next month’s payment can be adjusted.

Observation Week: Parents are invited to observe their child’s classes the last week of the month except, September, December and March.  

Kitchen and Waiting Areas: Belongings are left in the waiting areas at the student’s risk. Please put dance bags and belongings in the shelves provided for you. Label all dancewear and shoes. A lost and found shelve is provided, it will be emptied at Christmas, Spring Break and at the end of the year. Please feel free to use the microwave and refrigerator in the kitchen. Food and beverages are not allowed in the studios; please respect the property of Okanagan Dance Studio by tidying up after yourself and keeping all areas clean. 

Parking: Okanagan Dance Studio parking is ONLY directly in front of building. You may not park in front of gates. Illegally parked vehicles will be towed.  

Communication: All important information will be sent in an email and posted at okanagandance.com Concerns regarding an individual student should be raised with the particular teacher. Please make an appointment, as there is no time between classes for a teacher to discuss concerns in a private setting.

Festival and Competitions: Okanagan Dance Studios is proud to support the Penticton Kiwanis Music and Dance Festival. Not all classes will be entered in competitions or festivals. The decision to enter any classes is completely up to the teacher. Entry fees are not included in tuition fees. Many students find the teamwork aspect of competition very rewarding. There are also opportunities to enter solo, duo, and trios as well. These all require a choreography cost and a very strong commitment from the student and the parent. All dancers that are entered in competitions and festivals must attend all group dress rehearsals.

Year End Production: All students of Okanagan Dance Studios will have the opportunity to perform in the production. This is the students chance to showcase their hard work and growth made throughout the year. The production and dress rehearsals take place at the Cleland Theatre. Tickets will go on sale a month in advance and all costumes will be completed and handed out to students.